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Re: slink_cd 1.08

> Steven or Phil, could you please make the 2-CD images ASAP and mail
> info@cheapbytes.com with the location?

The archive really has grown recently!

I had to clear out over a Gig to fit the latest increase in slink's size on
my mirror, presumably this is the result of eliminating slink-->hamm

BTW Would it not have been possible to use hard links for the many instances
where the files in hamm and slink are the same ?  It seems teribly wasteful
to have two copies of all those files, not to mention the fact that rsync
should be able to pick up on the fact that the files are hard-linked and
just add the link, rather than transfer the file again.

Anyway, I'm now running slink_cd, and hopefully it will soon result in new 
images popping up in the slink_test directory:


In order to make sure that cheapbytes get a chance to grab these (in the hope 
that they are in time to do the run of CDs for the CD givaway) I've temporarily
disabled most other people's access to the area (the number of
rsyncs that were running was going to ensure that average transfer rates
were dreadful anyway).  I'll open it up a bit later on.

Cheers, Phil.

P.S. anny idea why these ``No such file or directory'' messages are happening:

open:~/slink_cd-1.08$ ./arch
cat: slink1/doc/package-developer/hello_1.3-14.3.dsc: No such file or directory
cat: slink2/doc/package-developer/hello_1.3-14.3.dsc: No such file or directory
cat: slink3/doc/package-developer/hello_1.3-14.3.dsc: No such file or directory
cat: slink4/doc/package-developer/hello_1.3-14.3.dsc: No such file or directory

and is it important ?

I presume it is something to do with the fact that hello_1.3-14.3.dsc is a 

debian/doc/package-developer/hello_1.3-14.3.dsc -> ../../dists/unstable/main/source/devel/hello_1.3-14.3.dsc

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