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Re: m68k CD support files

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:

>I have put together two support files for producing the m68k CDs:
>1. install-disks will take the disks-m68k/current/source/cd-map file
>   that's being provided in new versions of the m68k boot floppies and
>   copy everything to the right place in the install hierarchy; it
>   also unpacks the installer kits and transforms the Mac binhex files
>   so mkhybrid can do something useful with them (like make them
>   operate as real Mac files).

OK, I'll grab this and whack it into slink_cd.

>2. m68k-cd-misc.tar.gz contains miscellaneous stuff for the m68k CDs:
>   the m68k FAQ and m68k-specific tools, along with an m68k-specific
>   README file (not the same as README.1ST.m68k!) and a little script
>   to grab the latest m68k kernels via rsync from Sunsite Denmark (the
>   master site).

This might be more useful actually in the archive, but for now I guess
it's easiest to simply add a pointer from my documentation.

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