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Re: Slink CD images: Single_Disk

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Jim Westveer wrote:

Here here, the easiest install I have had when compared to rex, bo and
hamm.  Mind you, I was trying out my el cheapo "fast burn" with
"slink.needed" only, and had a few dependency problems, but I tend to push
my luck too far.

"Dailup" was going very nicely until the partition filled up, 500 mb.


> Some times the magic works....
> I finally got around to testing the Single_Disk option 
> in slink_cd-1.06...and created:
> slink1.raw   575186 Kb    Sun Feb 22 15:27:00 1998 
>                           (weird date eh?)
> I did a test install using only the BASIC option of the
> pre-packaged options...and as it was once said "one could
> teach a chicken to install this" (ie. just keep tapping the 
> enter key).  The install went with out a hitch.
> Sometimes it it's nice to get good news...;-)
> Jim Westveer <jwest@netnw.com>
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> The software required Win95 or better, 
> so I installed Linux.
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