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Slink CD images: Single_Disk

Some times the magic works....

I finally got around to testing the Single_Disk option 
in slink_cd-1.06...and created:

slink1.raw   575186 Kb    Sun Feb 22 15:27:00 1998 
                          (weird date eh?)

I did a test install using only the BASIC option of the
pre-packaged options...and as it was once said "one could
teach a chicken to install this" (ie. just keep tapping the 
enter key).  The install went with out a hitch.

Sometimes it it's nice to get good news...;-)

Jim Westveer <jwest@netnw.com>
The software required Win95 or better, 
so I installed Linux.
Jim Westveer ------------- jwest@netnw.com 
phone -------------------- 425-392-0141

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