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Re: CD File Structure

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999 kps@perigee.net wrote:

>Ok, to get you up to speed about what I am trying to do:
>I am on Windows NT 4 sp4 Workstation.
>I also have a Linux box that I want to try another distribution
>on (previously using Slackware).
>The CD I want to create I want to basically be like a CD I would
>purchase online.
>I could probably suffice with just a 'ls -la' of the filesystem,
>but if there is more I need to do then I will do.

Unfortunately to make a working Debian CD there is quite a lot of work to
do, most of which requires the use of a Unix box, probably specifically a
Debian box. Under NT you probably won't be able to do this. The script
slink_cd that I have produced is the one used to produce the standard
images that we're hoping the vendors will use, and I can attest that it
won't work on Windows. Maybe it would be better for you to use one of
these images instead; check cdimage.debian.org for locations of mirrors.

>I am hoping to install the most current version of Debian, I presume
>that would be slink? If not could you let me know which one it is?

Slink is currently the frozen version, ready for release in a couple of
weeks. If you want the latest, then that's what you want. If you want
the last stable release then that would be hamm (2.0).

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