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Re: CD File Structure


Ok, to get you up to speed about what I am trying to do:

I am on Windows NT 4 sp4 Workstation.
I also have a Linux box that I want to try another distribution
on (previously using Slackware).
The CD I want to create I want to basically be like a CD I would
purchase online.
I could probably suffice with just a 'ls -la' of the filesystem, 
but if there is more I need to do then I will do.

I am hoping to install the most current version of Debian, I presume
that would be slink? If not could you let me know which one it is?


Ken Stanley

>I'm not _quite_ sure what you mean; if you're looking for instructions on
>how to make a Debian CD, then maybe I can help. Which version are you
>looking at, hamm or slink?
>Steve McIntyre, Allstor Software         smcintyr@allstor-sw.co.uk

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