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Re: Slink CD images

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

>BTW, am I right in thinking that slink1.raw and the single_cd image
>cannot in fact be the same thing ? 

Yes, that's correct. The single_disk image is standalone; the normal disc
#1 has a full set of Packages files for all the discs, so will cause
hassle if people don't have them all.

>Also, do the source CDs for different architectures actually end up
>different, or not ? --- it would be good if they were the same for all
>architectures, to save space for the mirrors. 

They don't have to be, no. Just make sure that the info files for them
don't mention an architecture.

>And finally, it is OK to run just the final stages of slink_cd, i.e.:
>   slink_cd -v $ARCH image
>if you interrupt the image creation bit of a run ?

It should be, yes. So long as you're not using some weird/awkward options
like genlinks.

>I'm just doing this for the m68k images to see how it goes --- which other
>architectures are worth building at present ?

I'm not sure to be honest... Sparc may work, alpha probably won't.

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