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Re: mklist bug?

Thanks folks,

Did a -v -v -v run, no help.  I have checked & rechecked directory sizes.
mkfile said it was going to make 524x10^6 and 338x10^6 for main on slink1
& 2 and that is what happened.

No duplicates when I checked the binary-i386 on slink1 & 2.
Will check to see if binary-all is clogged up, I had not thought of that
possibility.  Done that, not there!!

For the record, I am working from hard link trees, not images or discs.
The single_disk option comes up with the same result as slink1

I have created a butchered tree with only slink1.needed and it came out at
305910k which from memory is about right.  I did the same with
slink1.useful and it came out at 252442k, but this includes all the vital
stuff.  I will try making a tree with only the vital stuff (.needed &
.useful zeroed). 

Have just checked binary-all, slink1 & 2; not there.  mc is great.

I will create an iso9660 image later and will see what size it comes out
at. Not very hopeful after what mkfile told me.

Any other ideas?

Thinking better, humidity still high, temperature dropping.  We are having
a serious drought in this part of the world.


On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> >On Feb 17, Philip Charles wrote:
> >> Discovered that main takes up 122110k extra on slink1 & slink2 than in the
> >> mirror.  A total of 2252 packages.  Total space taken on the discs is
> >> 863206790 bytes.  I have tracked the problem down to mklist.  I was using
> >> unmodified 1.06.  The same problem occures with 1.04.  I didnt have this
> >> problem with 0.96 (?) Unfortunately I dont have any versions before 1.04.
> >> Investigating further.
> >
> >If you are using the symlink farm method, symlinks will be converted
> >to files on the disc; my guess is that the binary-all hierarchy is
> >full of duplicate files from binary-ARCH.
> Hmmm. I'd expect the binary-all files to take more than 120 MB in that
> case. Philip, are you using -v on the slink_cd run? If so, what does the
> output of mklist look like?
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