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Re: mklist bug?

On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:

>On Feb 17, Philip Charles wrote:
>> Discovered that main takes up 122110k extra on slink1 & slink2 than in the
>> mirror.  A total of 2252 packages.  Total space taken on the discs is
>> 863206790 bytes.  I have tracked the problem down to mklist.  I was using
>> unmodified 1.06.  The same problem occures with 1.04.  I didnt have this
>> problem with 0.96 (?) Unfortunately I dont have any versions before 1.04.
>> Investigating further.
>If you are using the symlink farm method, symlinks will be converted
>to files on the disc; my guess is that the binary-all hierarchy is
>full of duplicate files from binary-ARCH.

Hmmm. I'd expect the binary-all files to take more than 120 MB in that
case. Philip, are you using -v on the slink_cd run? If so, what does the
output of mklist look like?

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