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Re: Slink release - what's left?

On Sun, 14 Feb 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

>In message <Pine.LNX.3.95.990214171420.327F-100000@hammer.mossbank.org.uk> you wrote:
>>On Sun, 14 Feb 1999, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>>>If you used cvs to manage your sources you could 'branch' for slink
>>>maintenance but still continue to do potato work on the 'trunk'.
>>I could do, but it would be a pain trying to keep it in sync at the
>>various places I work on it. I know CVS has its uses (I uses it daily at
>>work), but I don't think it really covers this.
>Well, you do know that CVS client/server can be used simultaneously at
>manual locations.

Through a firewall at work would be hard... :-)

>>What I'll probably do is
>>branch and change name. potato_cd will almost definitely need changes from
>>slink_cd, so I'll probably change the name too.
>That's fine too.  Branches should be avoided when necessary.  As you 
>probably know, CVS is just software; release management and code management
>stuff is all over and beyond the scope of CVS itself.

Yes, I _know_ :-( If somebody could write tools to handle management too
they'd make lots of money... :-)

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