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Boot disks 2.1.7 has "broken" dpkg_slinkcd ;(


I just made a set of 2.1 disks using the boot-disks 2.1.7,
and it will not install using the multi-cd method...

I think you are using the dpkg_multicd-0.13 in the base system... 
it is broken and does not correctly identify the cd label...
therefore one can not finish an install.  You get a message
(from multicd) that says: 

 	Wrong Disk.  I need "Debian GNU/Linux slink" but I found
 	"Debian GNU/Linux slink (2.1) 1/5 main binary section 1 SAM1990130
 	Please change the disks and press enter

dpkg_multicd-0.14 fixes this problem..

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