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RE: slink_cd v 1.06 released

> From: Steve McIntyre [mailto:stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk]
> Subject: slink_cd v 1.06 released
> Please give feedback; 

I set up 1.06 and it ran with no apparent problems.

Interesting observation:

I have been making all 5 disks (1-4 + non-free) and have
had a couple of reports that perhaps this is NOT such a good
idea, UNLESS one actually has all 5 disks in your possession.

e.g.  If you make images for all 5 disks, then just burn disks
1 & 2 for someone, they get in Packages.cd ALL the information
about what is on what disks.

Now a poor person with only 2 disks, configures something
in dselect (because he can "see" non-free) that either 
intentionally uses or unintentionally requires a package in
non-free; and fires of Install...

They will go happily along installing the programs with dselect
multi-cd, until they get the message "disk 5 required".

Humm  the "user" does not have disk 5, does not know what
disk 5 is, and becomes totally flummuxed.

The only reason I mention it, is that when "Official CDs" are
made, we should NOT have non-free turned on, and then simply
post the images 1-4.  

.....just a bit of adventure from the "wet" coast.........


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