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Re: symlink farm

On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Philip Charles wrote:

>Found the problem, and fixed it for me, but is there a generic solution?
>Centres round line 536 in slink_cd,  cp -dpRPl $file .....
>The symlinks of the mirror must match $file, otherwise slink_cd creates a
>directory rather than a symlink to the directory on the other partition.

Ah, OK. My own testing didn't spot this because I was still sym-linking
into a single large mirrored tree. I'm having a look now.

>In my case, I have symlinks to the source directories on another partition
>where I keep the source archive.  Fine for contrib etc as slink2.list
>        dists/slink/contrib/source
>which matches my mirror symlink, however slink3.list specifies
>        dists/slink/main/source/admin (etc)
>and a /source directory in created and misses my symlink.
>My solution was to symlink /admin, /base etc rather than /source to my
>main mirror, so my mirror and slink3.list now match.

OK, I think I see it. I should have a fix today, and 1.05 is overdue I

>I hate to think what would happen if I tried to create the trees on the
>patition I keep the source!!


>Hope this helps.

It does, thanks.

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