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Re: Package locations?

On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Jim Westveer wrote:

>I know slink_cd is creating a good output disk, but I do
>not understand the basis of the error/information messages.


>My question is, does slink_cd-1.04 find all of this software
>as mis-represented in the Packages file ? ; or is there
>other sinister forces at work....

The problem is with dpkg-scanpackages. It complains about any non-main
packages because it thinks they are in the wrong directories. The output
still works, of course. The man page says:

       dpkg-scanpackages   outputs   the  usual  self-explanatory
       errors.  It also warns about  packages  that  are  in  the
       wrong  subdirectory, are duplicated, have a Filename field
       in their control file, are missing from the override file,
       or have maintainer substitutions which do not take effect.

Perhaps this particular warning should be turned off/down...

[snip list of warnings]

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