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dpkg_multicd_0.13 and boot-disks 2.1.6 still broken..

Let me preface this with "I may have done something wrong"


I downloaded the boot-disks 2.1.6 from Incomming (on medco.net)

dpkg_multicd_0.13 was already updated earlier this week...

So, I burned a set of release disks (disk 1 & 2)


I booted from the disk, and the initial install went well....

I rebooted to the kernel now on the hard disk....


1.  The defaults [Y/n] Create user account and Remove PCMCIA packages
	still default to NO.
2.  I selected the multi-cd install method.
3.  I selected (with Y) one of the pre-selected packages..in this case
	the std-server.  and the first pass of dselect ended with errors
	on apache and ph3...so I restarted (I)nstall...and received 
	the message:

	Wrong Disk.  I need "Debian GNU/Linux slink" but I found
	"Debian GNU/Linux slink (2.1) 1/5 main binary section 1 SAM1990130
	Please change the disks and press enter

me thinks we be calling the same things 
by different names ;-)

4.  When I checked the /dev/loop?  none were found...not that it 
	may matter much, I think dpkg-multicd_0.13 is not using them

5.  I could install a rudimentary system by selecting the 
	old "cdrom" installation method...

This information may be incorrect if I goofed up the download of
the new boot-disks....although a quick glance at the CDROM shows
the correct (new) files.

Anyhoooo....thanks and goodnight....off to drink beer with my woman.

So far, no one has been killed in a computer crash.
Jim Westveer ------------- jwest@netnw.com 
phone -------------------- 425-392-0141

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