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Re: Installation Manual help needed

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999 19:19:26 -0800, "Jim Westveer" <jwest@netnw.com> said:
> Adam,

> Do you want, - the two binary CDs or - the two binary, and two
> source CDs or - All five ?

Jim, did you go ahead and ship the old ones?

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>> Sent: Monday, January 25, 1999 6:52 PM To:
>> debian-cd@lists.debian.org Subject: Installation Manual help needed
>> I really need a set of the x86-binary slink CDs so I can test the
>> documentation with these CDs. Could someone mail me one?  Even mail
>> it COD, I don't care, I'll pay for it.  Let me know.
>> Address: Adam Di Carlo 96 Orchard St #2FN New York, NY 10002
>> Thanks.
>> Could someone familiar with the slink CD sets also take a look at
>> the Installation Manual?  I know that I lack tecra documentation in
>> there and that you need to boot from the 2nd slink CD in order to
>> get the tecra boot.  I assume you guys aren't dealing with the x86
>> 'safe' boot at all?
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