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Re: Installing slink this week ;-(

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Jim Westveer wrote:

>I burned slink #1 & #2 today with slink_cd-1.04
>, and tried a quick install on a system here,....humphf....
>The initial install went fine, I selected one of the
>predefined dselect options std-server-plus ....
>and dselect (multi-CD)was humming along when.....
>dselect bombed out with errors in php3 and apache.
>No big deal, I restarted Install....and got the error:
>could not find device /dev/loop#

Hmmm. Worrying. I don't think I've seen anything like this before...

Steve McIntyre, Allstor Software         smcintyr@allstor-sw.co.uk
Getting a SCSI chain working is perfectly simple if you remember that there
must be exactly three terminations: one on one end of the cable, one on the
far end, and the goat, terminated over the SCSI chain with a silver-handled
knife whilst burning *black* candles. --- Anthony DeBoer

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