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Re: Packages to exclude on m68k CDs

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:

>> OK... I think I can see a few more that _may_ have problems:
>> checker (last time I checked it was i386-specific IIRC)
>> ftape* (PC-style floppy interface?)
>> lincity-svga (svgalib dep)
>> zgv (svgalib dep)
>I was only excluding binary packages that actually exist (IMHO the
>source CDs for Debian should be the same for all platforms).  At least
>the latter two aren't compiled (ergo don't exist) for m68k so are a
>non-issue.  I'd have to check on checker and ftape of course...

OK, I understand that - for your use. But Stephane will need a list of
things that don't work for the tasks lists.

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