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slink_cd: mapping file support needed

A HFS mapping file, like the following, should be used by mkhybrid
(with the -map option):

# ext. xlate  creator  type    comment
.hqx   Ascii  'BnHx'   'TEXT'  "BinHex file"
.mov   Raw    'TVOD'   'MooV'  "QuickTime Movie"
.deb   Raw    'Debn'   'bina'  "Debian package"
.bin   Raw    'Debn'   'bina'  "Floppy or ramdisk image"
*      Ascii  'ttxt'   'TEXT'  "Text file"

(Swiped from the boot-floppies patch posted by Michael Schmitz).

Also, I noticed that a mkisofsrc isn't included in the slink_cd package.

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