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Re: slink_cd-1.03+patch ~line 965 .mkisofs

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999, Jim Westveer wrote:

>I picked up the 1.03 tarball, and saw the patch by Nils,
>but, what is this around line 965 ??
>    cd $TMPDIR
>#       cp $STARTDIR/.mkisofs* .
>        if [ ! -d $OUT ] ; then
>                mkdir -p $OUT
>        fi
>as you can tell, I commented the cp out, as the script on
>my machine failed for lack of the .mkisofs .
>(i distrust .files that give my programs commands, that I did not)
>Was there another meaning?

I forgot to document it - this allows people to set up their own mkisofs
options, specifically ISO headers like contact address ans application

>I have not had a chance to try the single_disk option yet, and I owe
>you an answer there...

I'm looking at it right now - there were a couple of show stoppers in that

>Also now that I have installed more scratch disk, I will run the
>arch script all out, and see what I get.)

Cool! This is going to be a problem for the official cdimage site, I can
see - lots and lots of disk required.

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