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Re: Tasks and profiles for the debian-cd program

On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> OK, I've gone through these and the new version I'm working on will put
> all the packages needed on the first CD, so these should work for people
> taking only a single CD. Thinking further, I'll need to do some more work
> so that the first CD will stand alone without also holding Packages files
> referencing the others. That should be quite easy, though.
> And here's the big list I'm proposing to put in by default. The new
> version of slink_cd will now use a list of files to _include_ on CD#1,
> whereas it used to use a list of files to _exclude_ which would move to
> CD#2. Beware!
> adjtimex
> alsa-modules
> alsalib
Cut ** 

This would be an additional list (slink1.useful) to be added to the basic
list (slink1.needed)?

The important news.
The third test, NZ v India was drawn.  NZ won the series.


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