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Re: dselect tutorial

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> On Wed, 16 Dec 1998 21:30:06 -0500 (EST), Bob Hilliard <hilliard@flinet.com> said:
> >      Is anyone working on an update for the dselect tutorial that
> > has traditionally been kept in the disks-i386 directory?  It is
> > somewhat out of date.  If no one is working on it, or claims
> > ownership, I will try to do something with it next week.  I plan to
> > refer to it in the README-upgrade for the 2.1 CD.

     I have not done this.  I have some comments on dselect in the
README-upgrade.  That will be in ../slink/main/upgrade-i386 in the
archives.  (It is now in Incoming; Dark is trying to teach me how to
upload a .changes file for a non-package.)  That directory will be
symlinked to a top level directory in the CD called upgrade/ or

> Yes, I agree.  However, I need to mention that the Install Manual
> isn't meant for users who already have Debian installed.  Is there a
> well-defined URL for the README-upgrading?  I see it off
> www.debian.org; will it stay in the same location?  (i.e.,
> http://www.debian.org/2.1/HOWTO.upgrade)
     When I tried that URL, lynx reported:
 The requested URL /2.1/HOWTO.upgrade was not found on this server

     My README-upgrade is primarily addressed to users upgrading from
pre 2.0 versions using apt-get dist-upgrade or cd_autoup.sh, but it
has a few comments, particularly about split packages, that would be
helpful for upgraders from hamm.

     The autoup-README that has been posted in the Developers Corner
of www.debian.org refers to using the standalone autoup.sh script.

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