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Re: slink_cd 0.96

On Fri, 1 Jan 1999, Philip Charles wrote:

>Idiot test #4
>I am using my Debian archive which I brought up to date a few hours ago,
>and slink_cd_0.96.
>Slink1 CD v. nice.  Does everything it should.
>dselect is another story.  The preselected systems, even the smallest,
>fall over, dependency problems.  There is no indication of how this can be
>solved, swapping discs etc.


>Hand selection is better, but even here the dependency checking seems to
>be weak.  No indication of the need to swap discs.

At what point? I know that it's necessary to swap disks a few times to
complete the installation. Are you talking about the selection stage (?)
or the installation stage? We're going to have to provide a fair amount of
guidance to the users.

>Idiots get lost at this stage as they follow their noses and even reading
>the fm at this stage does not help.

Yes, because it's not up to date yet.

>I have salvaged the lists of packages for the preselected systems from one
>install and will attempt to hammer them into slink_cd.

Cool. If you can let me have them when you're done I'd be very grateful.

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