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RE: IX - Slinkcd 0.93

On Mon, 21 Dec 1998, Jim Westveer wrote:

>In Slinkcd 0.93....
>On line ~671 that reads:
>    if [ "$IMAGES"x = "1"x ] ; then
>This is the flag test to see if it should make images.
>Because you changed the structure to include image(1-5),
>"images" is actually not defined, so no disks will ever
>be made.
>images has to be 1 to enter the loop, and then the
>individual tests on image1...image5 work fine.
>I changed :
>  "images"x)
>   IMAGES=1     #<<-- added
>   IMAGE1=1
>   IMAGE2=1
>   IMAGE3=1
>   IMAGE4=1
>   IMAGE5=1
>   shift 1
>   ;;
>to set the variable when "images" is on the command line
>echo IMAGES=$IMAGES     #<<-- added
>echo IMAGE1=$IMAGE1
>echo IMAGE2=$IMAGE2
>To display it ...so one can see if it is being set....

Yup. I've done things slightly differently for these, but that's basically
it. I've also found a couple of other minor bugs in 0.93 that I'm working
on; more info later... 

>I will build another set today when I get a chance.
>I will also try to build the m68k and Alpha set.
>(gointo run out of disk ... ;-)

*grin* Yes, this is going to be a problem. Where the hamm disk sets would
have m68k and i386 on 4 disks (5 with non-free), it looks like for slink
we're going to need 2 common source disks plus 2 (3 with non-free) 
arch-specific binary disks for every arch. <sigh> I'm going to have to
get that 12GB disk soon...

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