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Re: Slinkcd 0.92


> OK, so not such a good idea then. OK, alpha people - what do we need to do
> to make an alpha CD bootable?

the best way (don't know how to do that with SRM console but I can ask
someone if you don't find another one who can tell you that...)

for ARC console Alphas is the following:

Place MILO in the root directory of the CD-ROM and place all alpha kernels
in a sub-directory and place the filesystem also on the CD-Roms root...

so the kernel can be loaded from MILO with the following command (assuming
that cd-rom is hdc but MILO should also contain scsi drivers of course)

and you should use a 2.1.* kernel... The best kernel I saw yet is 2.1.128
but I haven't tried any kernel >2.1.128 so maybe there are some better
ones... but for my system 2.1.128 is really working okay... (soundblaster,
... is possible without problems)

boot hdc:kernels/sx164.gz root=/dev/hdc

this will load kernel from the cdrom's /kernels/sx164.gz and pass the
root=/dev/hdc to the linux kernel...

wow... now it's bootable... :)))

But the users will have to tell his ARC Bios to load MILO from the CD-ROM if
he doesn't have it already. But _most_ alphas already have milo on the
harddisk... and debian is unable to create MILO partitions on the
harddisk... so that's not a problem of debian-cd :))


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