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Re: Debian slink CD images

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

>> Disc 1: main binary-i386 section 1 (admin -> misc)
>> Disc 2: main binary i386 section 2 (net -> x11)
>> 	contrib (bin/src)
>> 	non-US (bin/src: optional)
>> Disc 3: main source section 1 (admin -> graphics)
>> 	extras (e.g netscape, kernel source)
>> Disc 4: main source section 2 (hamradio -> x11) 
>> 	project (optional)
>> Disc 5: non-free (bin/src)
>This sort of split is not the -best- way to do things but it might suffice
>[require more swaps though].  It would be better to split along priority
>boundries and not section boundries. Ideally you'd split along logical
>breaks in the dependency tree but that is probably too complex..

If somebody has a program to do that (package-order?) the list of files to
go on each CD is specified in a file. It wouldn't be too hard to generate
these list files automatically, and that's what I was going to look at
next. Anyone?

>> This layout _works_ - I've got CDs here right now that use it, and I
>> installed a friend's machine using another similar set over the weekend. 
>Exactly, it is also the best layout as it is most conforming with past
>practices and should mostly work with the old tools just fine.

That's what I've been trying to do so far...

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