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Re: Debian slink CD images

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> Is it compatible with the dselect multi-cd method then? It sounds like. 
> The script I'm using now splits (by default, this can be changed by the
> user) simply: 

It is close, it does not use the Packages.cd file however.
> Disc 1: main binary-i386 section 1 (admin -> misc)
> Disc 2: main binary i386 section 2 (net -> x11)
> 	contrib (bin/src)
> 	non-US (bin/src: optional)
> Disc 3: main source section 1 (admin -> graphics)
> 	extras (e.g netscape, kernel source)
> Disc 4: main source section 2 (hamradio -> x11) 
> 	project (optional)
> Disc 5: non-free (bin/src)

This sort of split is not the -best- way to do things but it might suffice
[require more swaps though].  It would be better to split along priority
boundries and not section boundries. Ideally you'd split along logical
breaks in the dependency tree but that is probably too complex..
> Each disc has two sets of Packages files - the normal Packages files
> clipped to list the contents of each section on each disk (as you
> specified above) and the Packages.cd files that contain an X-Medium: tag
> for each package. Each of the 4 Packages.cd files
> (main,contrib,non-US,non-free) is duplicated on each disk so that
> dselect/apt multicd should only need to scan one of the disks at startup
> to update. 

Right now I prefer to scan the disks before accepting them to verify they
are properly structured and correct any generation flaws so it does not
use the package files on the first disk (maybe in future).
> This layout _works_ - I've got CDs here right now that use it, and I
> installed a friend's machine using another similar set over the weekend. 

Exactly, it is also the best layout as it is most conforming with past
practices and should mostly work with the old tools just fine.


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