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RE: Selector / multiple CD boot images

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Jim Westveer wrote:

>I have tried to get mkhybrid to "flatten" symbolic links
>while making an slink disk....but all I get when using
>the -f option on mkhybrid, is:
>"unknown file type (sym-link)- ignoring and continuing.
>"error=2 file ignored"."
>Have you had any better-luck / better-trick, for flattening
>the sym-links using mkhybrid ?

I believe Tom's version that flattens sym-links poitingin outside of the
tree is a heavily-patched one. ANd to be honest, now I've considered the
options it won't quite do what I'm looking for anyway. Once the temporary
trees are made using cp -L (to make hard links) most of the sym-links it
may have been able to fix are not going to be referenceable anyway...
<sigh> For now, I'll leave that bit alone.

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