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Re: rawrite

> On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> > 
> > A colleague of of mine started to installed debian 2.0.r3 yesterday. He was 
> > somewhat disappointed that he had to find pkunzip before he could use rawrite. 
> > I guess there is enough space on the CD left to put an uncompressed version on 
> > it (it would have saved him 7 minutes, he said).
> > 
> You know? What I hear most, from one of our CD vendors, is that they sell
> all of the distributions on CD, and Debian purchasers complain an order of
> magnitude more than all the other customers combined about little things
> like this, that only require a bit of patience to resolve on your own.

I would say this is a good sign. Debian users are obviously highly motivated 
to improve the distribution as good as they can.

> Yes, rawrite is compressed in the tools directory, but it is available in
> executable form in the disks directory, where you would expect to use it
> on a disk image. Now maybe there should be some documentation on this that
> doesn't already exist, but if the rawrite2.exe file can't be found in the
> current directory, how is the documentation likely to be read?

Hmm, obviously Klemens knew that he needs the rawrite program, and what is the 
right place to look for it?

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