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Re: Hurd-i386 and kfreebsd-{i386,amd64} removal

On 15370 March 1977, Samuel Thibault wrote:

Today we had our regular FTPMaster meeting and discussed hurd and both
kfreebsd architecture and decided to remove them from unstable and
experimental 2 weeks from now.
Just before the Buster release? That's far from the easiest timing.

There is never an easy timing.

within the coming two-three months (I am already struggling to find time
to do what I engaged to). Basically, it means no non-official release of
Debian Hurd along Buster. Or at best I could just make that non-official
release now, with all the still pending RC bugs.

It all depending on the amount of people the above shows (one) is one
good reason why its not viable.

How is the move to debian-ports supposed to happen? I won't have the
time to do anything about it within the 2 weeks.

I honestly wonder if it really needs to be anywhere. It itself doesn't
seem to have many developers, probably less users, and heck, last
upstream kernel seems to be from 2016. While it sure has some nice ideas
and concepts in it somewhere, it doesn't seem to go anywhere, at all.
Not just in Debian, but anywhere.

But then, I am not involved in Debian Ports. So no idea. It seems to
exist there, so probably someone who can upload there and is interested
in hurd-i386 goes and uploads stuff.

bye, Joerg

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