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What to do with isc-dhcp-client-udeb?

Hi bind9 people,

I've just gotten this:

> Subject: udeb uninstallability trend: worse (+18/-)
udeb uninstallability watcher <debian-boot@lists.debian.org> (2018-01-22):
> Newly-broken packages in testing
>   isc-dhcp-client-udeb                     armel mips mipsel
>   libdns-export169-udeb                    armel mips mipsel
>   libirs-export160-udeb                    armel mips mipsel
>   libisc-export166-udeb                    armel mips mipsel
>   libisccc-export160-udeb                  armel mips mipsel
>   libisccfg-export160-udeb                 armel mips mipsel
> Uninstallability trend: worse (+18/-0)
> Uninstallability count: 397

I happened to have missed its unstable counterpart, because those come in
batches, depending on the current buildd status of packages. I thought the
“Newly-broken” packages for armel, mips, and mipsel were an artifact of
late builds.

I don't know anything about this libatomic1; but from a look at the 0013
patch, it seems to be a need for a platform rather than for a feature…

Anyway, I'm not sure what to do with isc-dhcp-client-udeb; it's getting
broken on a regular fashion, and its purpose was mainly for non-Linux
ports AFAICR.

I'm not sure how BSD is doing these days; maybe hurd is the only user

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