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Re: grub2/jessie-kfreebsd and elfutils/sid

Hi Christoph!

Christoph Egger wrote:
> Some reports from IRC
> helmut | [...] elfutils ftbfs on kfreebsd-any

I've filed a bug for this http://bugs.debian.org/816394
actually I think it only FTBFS with gcc-6

>   pabs | I noticed that the kFreeBSD changes to grub-pc need rebasing on top of the grub-pc security update
>   pabs | er s/grub-pc/grub2/ :)

Ah yeah.  I have another upload planned, fixing a bug in grub-probe that
was unable to detect certain GPT and/or ZFS and/or GELI partitions.
Will make sure to do it this week.

When I updated GRUB2 for the security update, I had about 3 machines
unbootable because of that bug!

Steven Chamberlain

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