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grub2/jessie-kfreebsd and elfutils/sid


Some reports from IRC

helmut | hi, I noticed that: debhelper runtime depends on groff, groff build-depends on libxt, libxt build-depends on glib2.0, glib2.0 bulild-depends on elfutils, elfutils
       | ftbfs on kfreebsd-any
helmut | the last cause for this change is glib2.0 moving from libelf to elfutils. unfortunately libelf got removed, so there is no going back
helmut | so should some dependency change here or should elfutils work on kfreebsd? (kurt doesn't sound like he wants the latter. elfutils seems very much linux-only)

  pabs | I noticed that the kFreeBSD changes to grub-pc need rebasing on top of the grub-pc security update
  pabs | er s/grub-pc/grub2/ :)

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