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Re: kfreebsd IRC meeting?


Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> writes:
> Would you be free in the next few days for an IRC meeting, so we can
> figure out remaining issues to be able to release jessie-kfreebsd?

Thursdays in general won't work and during the weekend will be tricky (I
*can* make it Sunday late evening or Saturday untill late afternoon if
really necessary). Apart from that I should be able to make it.

> I keep getting side-tracked into things that are not blockers for
> release.  It would be good to agree on what is really needed now.
> I realised (following the release team last month) that public IRC
> meetings can be quite productive, get more people involved, and
> better inform everyone on what is going on.  I think it would be
> nice to have these occasionally.

Thanks for looking into openjdk btw!


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