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sgttyb struct not defined


I am trying to get the latest version of eso-midas [1] running on kfreebsd
(and hurd). The problem is that it makes use of the "sgttyb" struct [2].
When compiling, I get the error

sp_pty.c:94:25: error: variable 'd_sg' has initializer but incomplete type
                 struct  sgttyb d_sg = {

I already tried to #include <sgtty.h>, but it didn't help.

Since I hadn't the problem with the last release (13.09pl1.4), and this
particular file wasn't changed since then, I would suspect that there were
an incompatible change in the last months? How can I get this struct back?

Best regards


[1] https://packages.debian.org/source/experimental/eso-midas

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