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Re: Bug#772797: grub-common: Can't access ZFS on KFreeBSD due to new pool features

severity 772797 wishlist
user: debian-bsd@lists.debian.org
usertags 772797 + kfreebsd


stephane Cottin wrote:
> Please consider merging the following patches for supporting new zfs pool features.
> https://github.com/dweeezil/grub/commit/112c80451d2997a5f0b5d89a0d76f07687676644
> https://github.com/dweeezil/grub/commit/2ad1334019f0ec1f7569e923d00edc46358abf15

Thanks a lot for finding this.

This shouldn't cause a problem for jessie, as the installer has been
updated to only enable the features supported by GRUB 2.02:

When stretch/sid receives a new upstream GRUB release, we can add these
features to that list:  hole_birth, extensible_dataset, embedded_data

Steven Chamberlain

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