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Re: [pkg-wpa-devel] Bug#776338: wpa: wpasupplicant-udeb missing from kfreebsd installation media

tags -1 - patch


On 2015-01-26 19:52:54, Michael Gilbert <mgilbert@debian.org> wrote:
> package: src:wpa
> version: 2.3-1
> severity: important
> tags: patch
> Hi,
> The kfreebsd installation media currently lack wpa support.  Here is a
> patch that adds support for building the udeb.

I'm closing this bug, as your patch doesn't -and can't- work (anytime 
soon). Please don't inflate the bug severity, this would be a request
for a new feature, not a bug.

In order to work, wpasupplicant requires either libnl or libpcap.
libnl is linux-any (it requires the nl80211 interface of the linux 
kernel), therefore wpasupplicant uses libpcap on kfreebsd-any, 
which however doesn't provide a udeb. If I'd take your patch 
as-is, the kfreebsd-any wpasupplicant udeb would therefore gain a
dependency on the non-existing package libpcap0.8-udeb (instant RC
bug and introducing a new package at this time in the jessie 
freeze is certainly not appreciated by the release team or the d-i
maintainers). So the first step here would be to get libpcap to 
provide a udeb, at least on kfreebsd-any.

The next step is d-i, or technically netcfg, itself, which only
provides support for scanning via wext (wireless extension), a
deprecated kernel-userspace API of the linux kernel. As kfreebsd,
to the best of my knowledge, doesn't emulate this API to 
userspace, netcfg would need to gain support for the native 
kfreebsd wlan interfaces - and ideally for linux' new nl80211 API
as well. The same goes for actually managing the interface from
within netcfg. If I remember correctly, Kel Modderman did 
originally suggest an alternative way to scan via wpasupplicant
(and thereby to abstract (most of, at least for scanning) the 
wlan interface handling from netcfg), rather than making it 
depend on the deprecated wext Linux API, but netcfg chose a 
different way.

I'd be happy to provide a udeb on kfreebsd-any as well, but 
these kfreebsd specific issues need to be solved first. Feel 
free to re-open this bug (or to file a new one), once this 
has been resolved and tested - or has at least reached the 
planning state for stretch.

	Stefan Lippers-Hollmann

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