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Bug#776332: kfreebsd-10: installer fails for 128 MB install

package: src:kfreebsd-10
version: 10.1~svn274115-1
severity: important

The kfreebsd-amd64 installer currently fails for low memory systems.

$ kvm -m 128 -cdrom debian-jessie-DI-rc1-kfreebsd-amd64-netinst.iso jessie.img
pid 32 (devd), uid 0, was killed: out of swap
Something wicked happened.  Press enter for a rescue shell.

$ kvm -m 192 -cdrom debian-jessie-DI-rc1-kfreebsd-amd64-netinst.iso jessie.img

According to the installation guide 128 MB should work:

Note also that installing with 192 MB and then using 128 MB after
installation works, so it is only a problem during installation.

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