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Re: Final kfreebsd-10 upload before freeze?

On 12/11/14 00:14, Christoph Egger wrote:
> Speaking of which -- people from -release@ already wondered (and I
> agree there) why we would want to keep building the kfreebsd kernel on
> linux. We may want to get it removed on linux so we don't have to handle
> it at two different places for little gain. What do you think?

I suppose it's a mere novelty that it does build on Linux;  but with
linux arches being supported stable, and kfreebsd itself now not, it
seems like time to remove it there, yes.

>> This ixl/ixvl driver update seems a bit big to include in such an
>> unblock request.  (Although, for our unofficial release, we'd more
>> likely want to include that bugfix).  What to do?
> It is *huge*. Guess if we were still considered for normal stable I
> would ask for pre-approval based on faith in freebsd release process
> somehow. As it stands I think -release@ would rightfully reject it.

OK I agree, I don't see any point to burden release team with that part.
 But let's upload the -RC4 snapshot from SVN with the pre-approved
bugfixes, fix the security bug, and make it kfreebsd-any, tying off all
those loose ends.

The driver backport seems like something we'd add into our unofficial
stable release later, as it's a crash bug for someone having that
particular hardware.

Steven Chamberlain

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