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Re: Final kfreebsd-10 upload before freeze?

Christoph Egger wrote:
> Uploading kfreebsd-10 10.1-RC4 in a minute and I guess see for -final

Final release has been tagged.  After the setlogin security fix, there
was only one more change - but it's kind of odd:

To fix a crash bug in a driver module, they've backported a whole
new version from 10-STABLE branch.  That's really unusual.

Since technically, kfreebsd-10 is still part of the official release (it
builds also on linux), we should fix the security bug anyway, and still
ask for an unblock due to that.

This ixl/ixvl driver update seems a bit big to include in such an
unblock request.  (Although, for our unofficial release, we'd more
likely want to include that bugfix).  What to do?

Steven Chamberlain

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