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Bug#767583: kfreebsd-10: ar9300_devid.h license restricts modification


> Do we think this is copyrightable material (adding FTP Master for 
> input)? What does linux do (doesn't seem obvious from the link you 
> quoted but codesearch seems to indicate debian linunx doesn't have
> it)? Has FreeBSD upstream been contacted?

Honestly, I doubt that it is copyrightable, but I think that I'll
leave that judgement up to the FTP Masters.

Linux upstream provides all firmware in a separate tree due to GPL
requirements. Strangely enough, it seems that they are still
distributing the closed-source firmware instead of
open-ath9k-htc-firmware (which is where the license problem was

I hadn't contacted FreeBSD upstream about this before, but I just have
now. If you're subscribed to this bug, you should have received a copy
of the message.


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