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Bug#767583: kfreebsd-10: ar9300_devid.h license restricts modification


Christoph Egger wrote:
> Riley <BM-2cVqnDuYbAU5do2DfJTrN7ZbAJ246S4Xix@bitmessage.ch> writes:
> > After reading a discussion on the gnu-linux-libre mailing list [1],
> > I found that the two files named ar9300_devid.h have a license that
> > restricts modification:

> What does linux do (doesn't seem obvious from the link you
> quoted but codesearch seems to indicate debian linunx doesn't have it)?

Linux has a useful 3-clause BSD file:

If we stripped that file of everything except the AR_SREV_REVISION_9*
and AR_SREV_VERSION_9* macros, prefixed the chipset numbers with the
abbreviated name of the manufacturer (AR or QCA), I think we'd have all
that's needed to still compile the FreeBSD driver.

Steven Chamberlain

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