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qtmultimedia5 and kfreebsd

Hi there,

Although there is no bugreport for this, you probably know that
qtmultimedia-opensource-src does not build[1] on kfreebsd - although a
search on "kfreebsd qtmultimedia" lists.d.o does not bring a single

qgo has a qt4-based version in jessie, that did build on kfreebsd, but
the qt5-based version now in sid is blocked from entering jessie
because of this build-dep.

Is there a solution in sight for this problem (I understand that a
hell of a lot of work has gone into qt5 packaging recently, but did
not follow things closely, and don't have an idea about the
status/priority of kfreebsd platforms in this work), or should I
rather request removal of the kfreebsd debs from testing to stop them
from blocking all other archs ?

[1] https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=qtmultimedia-opensource-src&suite=sid

Best regards,

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