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Bug#743141: system hangs when building gcc on kfreebsd-amd64

Finally getting somewhere!

testcase.c can be just:
> int main() { }

Use the system GCC, don't need to compile it from source.

> $ gcc -o testcase testcase.c

This is on kfreebsd-amd64, the executable is 64-bit.

Use expect to spawn it like this (same way that dejagnu does in the GCC
testsuite) :

> $ expect
> expect1.1> open "| ./testcase |& cat" "r"
> file6

This is okay.

Now need gcc-multilib installed for this:

> $ gcc -m32 -o testcase testcase.c
> $ expect
> expect1.1> open "| ./testcase |& cat" "r"

The 32-bit executable, spawned this way by expect, triggers an immediate

Steven Chamberlain

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