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Bug#743141: system hangs when building gcc on kfreebsd-amd64


Did you manage to figure something additional out? Do we know if this
also kills plain freebsd?

I'm afraid I'm stuck with this.

I narrowed it down to that particular test (or prerequisites of the
test) when executed by the GCC testsuite.  A large chroot is needed,
having all the GCC build-deps;  once GCC is finished building it's
fairly easy to trigger this on demand.

Even if it might trigger the bug on plain FreeBSD, I think all this is
too unwieldy to provide as a testcase yet (0.5GiB for the GNU/kFreeBSD
chroot and 4GiB for the GCC build tree).

I tried under plain FreeBSD kernel (via kfreebsd-downloader-10)
and it does not reboot for me.

It reboots for me under current sid 10 kernel and current experimental 11 kernel.


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