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Suggestions from DSA

So I don't forget, and for anyone else interested, here were some
suggestions recently from DSA when I asked how we could make life easier
for them.

Missing features / things to document better in the Wiki FAQ:

also pflogd was mentioned in the past, I may work on that.

> We use ganeti (kvm) for virtualization.  Yes, better guest support would be
> great.

Maybe virtio drivers improve things (in kfreebsd-10, also were added in
either 9.1 or 9.2 I think?).  http://bigv.io/ may be a fun place to test
this (Bytemark provide+sponsor+host some of DSA's hardware).

> More equivalency between linux and kfreebsd userland, at least as far as puppet
> is concerned, would help.  For example, we like ferm, but ferm is iptables
> only.

ferm is interesting as it seems to provide a PF-like syntax to iptables
users ;)

> syslog-ng on kfreebsd doesn't properly reconnect to logservers after
> they went a way for a while or the network dropped.

Steven Chamberlain

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