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Buggy ifupdown on kfreebsd_amd64/stable

Hello there,

there are clearly still problems with ifupdown when
running kfreebsd_*/stable.

  * Some utility called by "ifup" at boot time
    is not able to find "/usr/bin/logger". There
    are boot time messages about the inability
    to locate "logger". Manually creating a soft
    link at "/bin/logger" silences the complaints.
    It does not help to add "/usr/bin" to PATH
    as is set in /etc/init.d/ifupdown". Some
    helper executable displays an implicit

  * There are still, after installing the soft link,
    multiple complaints that "/run/network/ifstate"
    does not exists, probably because the self-sufficient
    decision to leave LHS and "/var/run" behind.

I am not sure where to get a responsive handling
of this mess, so probably we need to find a solution
by our own.

  Mats Erik Andersson

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