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Re: HAL and *BSD


On 05/06/13 02:08, Michael Biebl wrote:
> Afaics, there are basically 3 options:
> 1/ We drop hal and Xorg is ported to something like devd on *BSD
> 2/ We drop hal and hal support is simply disabled on non-Linux, which
> means, Xorg needs to be configured manually? Maybe Julien or KiBi can
> provide more info on this.
> 3/ we keep hal, but only for the non-Linux architectures and I'd need
> someone (from the kfreebsd porters team) to take over maintenance.

I don't see that FreeBSD upstream has a replacement yet so are still
using HAL in their latest releases and development head.

There was no mention of Hurd here;  how would it be affected by this?  I
guess it is a long way from having something to replace the
functionality of HAL?

I'm aware it's not a release arch but to me it would tip in favour of
keeping hal around for a little longer, only for non-linux arches (and
potentially other ports).

Steven Chamberlain

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