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Re: Bug#711247: freebsd-utils: please ship pflogd

Hi Martin,

On 05/06/13 21:59, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> With DSA hat on: Would be nice if freebsd-utils including the pflogd
> binary could be uploaded to backports.

Even with those (fairly generic) patches applied, pflogd still doesn't

We would additionally need a pcap-int.h (internals) header which
libpcap-dev does not provide currently.  There is probably a reason why
it doesn't;  anything using the header might pick up a tight dependency
on a particular source version of libpcap.

That also means it may not be so trivial to backport.

But otherwise, with a couple of minor changes I got pflogd built on a
Wheezy system.  And it seems to be functioning.

Steven Chamberlain

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