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Re: Bug#704598: libc0.1-dev: sys/mount.h requires C99

On 12/04/13 17:49, Pino Toscano wrote:
> GNU/kFreeBSD porters, can you please take a look at this?

At first glance at this, I think it was made 'static inline' because the
function (copied from FreeBSD libc) really is being inlined into the
header;  it wouldn't be linked into the executable otherwise as glibc
does not have it.

I think 'static' is essential (so the function does not get exported /
defined more than once), but maybe the 'inline' can be dropped without
ill effects (a compiler might choose to inline it anyway).

An alternative might have been the __inline GCC extension and the
necessary defines for that macro to work, but that sounds messy - making
something standards-compliant by using a nonstandard feature...

This why I asked first if it is really worth the effort of trying to fix
this.  I couldn't find any packages in unstable that compile as C89.
Maintaining compatibility with FreeBSD ports seems like a good enough
reason so we should see what we can do about this.

Steven Chamberlain

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